Surf, Sip, Sol…

What could be more enchanting than a day spent from sunup to sundown at a scenic rooftop bar overlooking the surf heaven that is Pererenan and Echo Beach? Sol Rooftop Bar offers just that: a complete day of surf, stunning food and cocktails, and live music that guarantees an unforgettable experience.

Morning Surf Session:

Sol Rooftop Bar is situated on Pererenan Beach, a spot revered for its surfing opportunities. Guests can start their day bright and early with a surf session at dawn. The beach offers waves that cater to both novice and experienced surfers. It’s an invigorating way to kickstart the day, as guests ride the surf under the orange glow of the rising sun.

Breakfast with a View:

After a surf session, what could be more satisfying than a delicious breakfast? At Sol Rooftop, the breakfast menu offers a mix of international and local flavours. Guests can enjoy their meals with a sweeping view of Pererenan, as the restaurant provides a scenic backdrop for a morning meal. It’s not just the food that tantalises; the view and ambiance complete the breakfast experience.

Leisurely Lunch:

As the afternoon sun illuminates the sky, the atmosphere at Sol Rooftop Bar takes on a relaxed and leisurely vibe. The lunch menu boasts a range of fresh seafood, local Balinese dishes, and international favourites. A delectable meal can be had, enhanced by the panoramic vistas of the ocean and surrounding landscapes that the rooftop setting affords.

Afternoon Cocktails:

As the day progresses into late afternoon, anticipation of the golden hour sets in. The rooftop bar is renowned for its signature cocktails, featuring a mix of traditional Balinese ingredients and international flavours. Guests can sip on these unique concoctions as they await the setting sun, another spectacle that Sol Rooftop Bar is famous for.

Dinner and Good Music:

As night falls, the rooftop undergoes another transformation. Strings of fairy lights illuminate the space, and soft music fills the air. The dinner menu comes to life, featuring an array of dishes that cater to diverse palates. Whether one is looking for Balinese specialties or international cuisine, there’s something for everyone. To top it off, live music or DJ sets often accompany the evening meal, providing an auditory feast to match the culinary one.

A day at Sol Rooftop Bar in Pererenan is more than just a visit to another scenic locale in Bali. It is a comprehensive experience that offers the perfect blend of adventure, gastronomic delight, and soul-soothing relaxation. From surfing at dawn to enjoying live music under the stars, it’s a day well spent in paradise.

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